Your first visit to Reflex

Patient Appointments

Your first visit to Reflex Foot Care includes a full and thorough assessment of both feet and nails, Hayley will explain all the treatment options available to you, that will deliver the best outcome, because you are unique and so are your feet.

A full medical history will also be recorded so we can provide you with the best care and create a treatment package tailored just for you!

“I just need my nails cut!”

At Reflex Foot Care, we take your foot care very seriously. It may look like we are just cutting your toenails, but at each visit we will check:

Your foot pulses

• Signs of reduced circulation

• Your temperature gradient

• Signs of infection

• Episodes of trauma

• The integrity of your skin

• Ingrowing toenails

A treatment plan will be discussed and with your consent, we will make a start on your foot care treatment. In your first consultation your nails will be cut and filed, thickness reduced if necessary.
We will check for any nail infections or ingrown toenails. Any Corns will be removed and hard skin* will be reduced with a sterile scalpel blade, before a moisturising cream suited for your skin type is massaged into both feet.

*If extra time or follow up appointments are required, we will explain and discuss this, the treatment will be continued in your next appointment. If you would like extra time in your appointment chat to us and it can be arranged.
Reflex Foot Care Inside our neat treatment room in Louth