Pedicures at Reflex Foot Care 

Medical Pedicures 

Relax… at Reflex your feet are in safe hands

Luxury medical pedicure treatments using Dr Anders products and Dermatonics 

At Reflex, our medical pedicure treatments are an all encompassing health and beauty regime for your feet, that will leave you feeling like you are walking on air! 

"Highly recommend a Deluxe Pedicure at Reflex Foot Care. My heels have never been so smooth! I wouldn't go anywhere else now!"


"OMG my feet feel wonderful, thank you! Best they have ever been!"

“Hayley is great, put me at ease and explained all the treatments available to me. I don't like my feet being touched as I am very ticklish! Hayley has a way of treating that doesn't tickle at all! Fantastic!”


*important information 


Contraindications are where certain treatments or medicaments can have an adverse effect on medical conditions or certain medications a person has. 

If you have, or aren’t sure if you have any of the following foot or nail complaints, to avoid disappointment, in the first instance please book our Complete Foot & Nail Care Treatment which includes a consultation, in order that we can get your feet on the road to good health & good condition.

The cost of this appointment will be offset against the medi-pedi of your choice. 

Listed below are a few contraindications which have to be considered prior to booking this therapy -

Extremely heavy callus (hard skin) on heels
Heel fissures (cracks on heels)
Thickened nails
Fungal nail infections
Infectious skin disorders (athlete's foot, verrucae)
Psoriasis / Eczema (may aggravate)
High blood pressure
Diabetes due to peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage – loss of sensation or hypersensitive)
Cancer - as skin is very sensitive
Swollen or bruised areas of ankles/feet
Broken skin (cuts, wounds) open cracked skin on heels (we can repair your heels first, in a separate appointment)


A complete and thorough overhaul for your feet, that will leave you feeling like you’re walking on air!