“Onychomycosis” ~ Fungal nail infection 

  • Lacuna Method

The Lacuna Method

Fungal Nail infections (Onychomycosis) creates discolouration or a crumbling texture in the fingernails or toenails. You may have noticed changes in the texture, quality and colour of your nails, sometimes it is noticed after the removal of nail varnish or gels.

Fungal nail infection is the most difficult of superficial fungal infections to treat and most topical treatments are ineffective because they do not penetrate the nail plate to reach the active infection which is actually on the nail bed, the skin under the nail!

At Reflex Foot Care Hayley is a fully trained Practitioner able to perform  The Lacuna Method treatment for Fungal Nail Infections
The Lacuna Method is a safe, pain-free treatment, for Fungal Nail infections. No oral medication is necessary and the procedure is painless and safe.

Micro holes made in the nail plate, allow direct access for anti fungal medicines to reach the point of infection directly under the nail plate and onto the nail bed.

Continued application, once a day, of an antifungal medication such as Lamisil allows healthy new nail growth, free of fungal infection!

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