Cosmetic Nail Reconstruction 

Do you suffer with damaged nails, caused by either trauma, surgery or fungal infections? 

Do you dread holidays, swimming or sandal season?

Are your nails affecting your self esteem?

Using our product of choice, Pedisafe, let us rebuild them so only you know!

Why Pedisafe?

The simple answer? 

Because it’s the very best!

Pedisafe is a specialist product, created specifically for toenail reconstructions, by Canadian company Fanair Cosmetiques.

Why is it important to use a product made specifically for toenails? 

It’s important because your toenails exist in a completely different environment to your fingernails. 

They spend most of their time in dark, warm, moist environments - your shoes and socks!

The perfect breeding ground for fungus and bacteria, with a great deal of pressure exerted on them (from standing/walking/running).

Other products such as Acrylic, Polygel and plastic tips are made for your fingernails, so haven’t been developed with these factors in mind. 

Unlike products designed for fingernails, Pedisafe’s formula includes powerful antimicrobial and antifungal agents. 

It’s also created with flexibility in mind to ensure that it doesn’t damage your nail when forces are exerted on it through the course of your day.

Pedisafe by Fanair

How does it differ from extensions performed by nail technicians?

  • As Foot Health Practitioners, we are trained and insured to work on damaged (dystrophic) nails, which are outside of the scope of nail technicians’ training and insurance. 
  • While we’re aiming to create an aesthetically pleasing look, we’re also concerned with the health of your nail. 
  • Our reconstructions can be combined with anti-fungal treatments or used to help rectify ingrowing and involuted nails. 
  • We choose our products with the health of your toenails in mind and do not use products designed for fingernails to build your reconstruction.
  • The specialist product we use, Pedisafe, was created specifically for this purpose, with the health of your toenails in mind.

We also use aseptic application

  • This means we use disposable brushes and never double dip!
  • All other instruments we use have been through our gold standard, 3 step sterilisation process as standard.

Cosmetic Toenail Restoration using Pedisafe  

Many men and women suffer from unsightly toenails and are embarrassed by their feet. In order to hide them from their friends and family they often wear a full shoe, socks, or paint over the damaged nail to disguise it, often making it worse in the process!